Sunday, November 21, 2010

Marble Losing During Finals Week.


There have been plenty of times where I thought I was losing it. But this time I mean it more than ever. I have been in the study room since Sunday...I wish I were kidding. I have not left the Village since ... I ...honestly .... don't remember. O wow. I didn't even realize it was that bad. Anyway, I have two more left. Two finals left. My first was last Monday - Cognitive Psychology (which I think went okay). Well, technically my first was nearly a month ago- the African Drumming & Dancing Performance which also went well- Was heaps of fun. But tomorrow is the Australian Indigenous Studies final (oh damn-- "racism, whiteness and self-determination") and Tuesday is the Abnormal Psychology final (great, lets study all about people who have lost their marbles while I am slowly losing mine) and Wednesday of course is nothing other than CELEBRATION DAY. I must admit I am stressing, stressing hard- which of course has lead me to stress about everything else. But I find comfort in knowing I will get it together - like I always do.

This is not my performance, but its a performance. It was a good one.

Some of our friends came to support (Erika, Kelsey, Isaac, and Deep). So sweet of them. Not only did they wake up extremely early for it, they dressed up too. Well, the boys did... my ladies looked kind of like they were still asleep... but still as beautiful as ever.

And some study room fun of course.

P.S There is a new study room at the village. It is legit. Much, much better than the last. Except there is not fire place- I miss the fireplace. But there is better lighting, better furniture, bright colors, and beanbags- I mean beanbags... come one, definitely a win.

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