Saturday, November 13, 2010

The End is also the Beginning.

When I first arrived to Melbourne. I was a mess. I was lost. I was broken in ways I thought were impossible. An unfortunate event created what turned out to be the worst time of my life. Since then I have met some of the most amazing people ever. And a group effort put me back together again. No longer am I lost. No longer am I broken. I am whole and better than ever. I also came out of the storm believing I was unable to ever feel attached to anyone or anything at least not for a while. And as always I was wrong. The emotion bug snuck up on me and bit me hard. It has been some time since I have been as sad as I am right now. But at least this time its for good reasons. This morning two of the people I have gotten extremely close to left for home- Isaac and Deep- Better known as Mr. Sass and Gupta. If there is anything I can regret on this trip its not meeting these two earlier. For the last two months or so I have seen their faces everyday multiple times a day and it has brought nothing but joy. Together they are a dream team. But the two of them as individuals bring so much to the table as well. The next few weeks truly will not be the same without them. No more Sunday television sessions with Isaac-Junior Master chef just won't be the same without his commentary. No more Deep making random 7-11 runs for Boo-Berry slurpies,
But its more than that. They are the first of the ones that I hold dearly to go. And it made me realize that I am going to have to do this good- bye thing a few more times. Its the beginning of the end of something amazing. I was told going abroad would be life changing. Going to Australia will be breath taking- the great weather, water, and sights. But its not the sun, or the beaches, or the exotic animals that I am going to miss or that I feel attached to. Its the connections I have made while being here. We all came here wanting the same thing - this thing called the abroad experience. The excitement. The unforgettable memories. The nights we ask our selves why did I have that extra shot. The sessions in the study room that were more laughs than they were studying. And wanting the same thing has lead us to give each other exactly what we were looking for. Now that its coming to a closing I realized how much this experience has transformed me. It was here that I learned a heart break can heal with time and the help of good laughs from those you grow to love. That the ability to love again is always possible. That you don't need to know your friends your whole life to feel the comfort that comes from knowing someone your whole life. And that exchanging "I miss yous", updates, and skype sessions with friends back home is just enough to feel the love equivalent of that found in the 'perfect families' of corny television shows. In just a few months I have learned things that I will take with me forever. Like that Erika asks a lot of questions about you when she is down, that Kelsey screams BAHAH when she has had too many drinks, that Julia puts on head phones to calm herself, that Drew studies best with a glass of Jack&Coke; Ashok- Gin&Tonic, that Liss will never get through a night without mentioning something about hoops, Liz will always go in and out of being a real person, Amber is still afraid of the dark, Sean is Google, Jon will always be casual when talking about punching people in the face, Isaac rather shrug his shoulders than give solid answers, and Deep likes his slurpies with all flavors mixed. And I consider these some of the most important things I have learned while abroad.
It is the beginning of the end of something amazing. But it is also the start of something even better. We all have homes and hearts spread throughout the USA and overseas. Though it hurts to say bye here its exciting to know that we will once again say hi there, there, over there, and there. As Julia Pan says its not good- bye, its I'll see you later.

P.S Did I mention I still have 3 finals and won't be free till the 23rd. ARG !

Last Night- Isaac and Deep's farewell.


  1. Hold on hold on, the most important thing you know about me is my Slurpee obession ... girl u wylin'